Romi πŸ’‘ (at Parksley Town Park)

2 weeks ago

It’s moments like these that I really wish I could write.

I’m in an emergency room in the fairly rural Salisbury, MD. These environments really foster fascinating people watching.

Our neighbors are four apparent meth-heads, that were excitedly yelling the word ‘orange’ for the first five minutes we were here, aiming to mock each other’s pronunciation of the word. They then moved on to green and red.

I’m reading a magazine, and the background noise consists of the small mounted television broadcasting a baseball training program from ESPN. An enthusiastic coach gives tips on different baseball basics, with great reassurance to his players and wonderful analogies using PacMan. The tv had previously reminded me where I was, as it poured out news on the Orioles and stories on previous Ravens players.

I am fascinated by how I start to feel in these environments. The hypochondriac in me starts to mimic every cough, sneeze, headache and twinge in my stomach that I see around me. I imagine getting Ebola or something from a neighbor, or even my magazine. (Self diagnosed phsyco)

A soft Coors beer cooler sits under a chair, while I listen to a woman’s basically indistinguishable speech impediment mixed with a rural Maryland accent. I was surprised at first that she was speaking english, is seemed almost like an east Asian dialect.

I pair of (70+ aged) brothers sit next to each other, mirrored in their sleeping slouch in their chairs, and their matching skeleton gloves, sweatshirts and baseball hats. They wake up momentarily to comment in deep rumblings on how cold they are. They came prepared…

This is absolutely not exciting or interesting, but I’m keeping mildly entertained I guess.

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racism is over

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Delta Dogs

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